Scorekeep Connect Support

Direct support

If you have any questions or concerns about our apps or services, please contact us at [email protected].

Scorekeeper Connect is new and we're still learning how people use it. Here are some tips about things that might not be obvious. As we learn more, we'll update this page.


Will you add support for new sports?

Yes! We're working on adding support for more sports. If you have a specific sport you'd like to see, please let us know via email.

Pro Features

Can my partner and I use the same account?

  1. Both people need a Pro subscription. If this is with a family account, the second person should be able to access Pro for free.
  2. Since access is controlled via email, the "main" account owner should complete the login process on the other person's device. This should only be needed once.
Please note that any user will have full access to all data in the account, including the ability to delete it, so only share with people you trust.

How often does the app sync?

It will push changes when you make a change, and it will watch for changes at least every minute. If it detects that data is change rapidly, it will sync more frequently.

You can also force a sync by pulling down on the list of games.

Can I delete my account?

Your account can be deleted at any time from in the app via: Settings > Account > Delete Account. If you do not have access to the app or that menu (e.g. lapsed subscription), please email [email protected].

What happens to my data when delete my account?

Your account data will be immediately deleted from our servers, but not from sync'd devices. Data may remain in our encrypted backups for up to 90 days.